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The WEF has provided funding to teachers and administrators for more than 133 unique educational enrichment programs since 2005. Notable programming that would not have been possible without WEF support include consistent funding for the Middle School Drama Club musical in the Fall, robot coding programs, civil war re-enactments, and a competitive after school public speaking program. For the elementary school the WEF supports innovative uses of technology for reading, experiential learning in Native American culture and STEM labs.

In 2018, the WEF was the sole sponsor of an innovative art initiative centered on rainforests involving classroom collaboration with students in Brazil and Guatemala. There is no limit to the creative ideas Woodstock teachers and administrators bring to the Woodstock Education Foundation. Below is a sampling of the programs we have funded for Woodstock’s children in Grades PreK- 8.

  • Grades 5-8, Public Speaking

  • Grades 5-8 Geography Bee

  • Elementary School, After School Spanish Program

  • Grades 7-8, CT Math Olympics & Mathcounts

  • 2nd Grade, CT Audubon (exploring worms)

  • 5th Grade, The Earth Dome

  • 7th Grade EASTCONN Low Ropes

  • 7th Grade Mystic Traveling Squid Dissection

  • 7th Grade Hot Air Ballooning Study

  • Grade 8, "Crazy Traits" Genetics Lab

  • Grades 4-6, Author Heidi Stemple Visit

  • Grade 5-9, Thula Sizwe Singing & Drumming Group

  • All schools - 2 performances by Destiny Africa

  • Grades 5-8, Author Scott Appleton

  • 7th Grade Reading - Shakesperience

  • Kindergarten Science (Steve Spangler Co.)

  • 7th Grade, Family Ties Program

  • 2nd Grade, Stability Balls

  • National Geographic Geography Bee

  • Middle School, Engineering Club - UCONN Ambassadors

  • Middle School, Competitive Science Fair

  • Elementary School, American Sign Language Program

  • 7th Grade Civil War Week

  • Grades 5-9, Inkwell Publication - Creative Writing

  • Grade 6, Ancient Egyptian Mummies

  • Grade 6, In house archeological dig

  • Grades 5 – 9, Public Speaking

  • PreK- 4 Math Enrichment

  • Grade 3 Mad Scientist Rocks & Minerals

  • PreK – 4 Echo Uganda Musical Theatrical Performance

  • Grade 1 Nature Programs

  • Grades 1-2, American Indians/Mystic Aquarium

  • Newspaper Club

  • Grades 7-8 Science Fair

  • PreK-4 Hawk Henries

  • 7th Grade Civil War Week

  • All Middle School grades, Drama Club’s annual production, ‘Annie’

  • All Middle School grades, Guitar and Ukulele program

  • All Middle School grades, Rachel’s Challenge

  • Special Education Middle School- Ipad mini’s

  • Grades 3-4, Odyssey of the Mind program and competition

  • Grade 7, Criminal Justice in the 19th Century

  • Grade 8, Mark Twain, Life and Times

  • subscription for K-4 during Covid closures

  • iPad Stylus initiative 2020 (5-8)

The Impact of External Funding

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