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$10 Donation = 1 Entry
$20 Donation = 3 Entries
See the Calendar below!

From June 1st until June 19th, WEF will be Counting Down to Summer with a give away of gift cards to local businesses!  Your donation to WEF will help us to continue our support of the school, teachers, and students of Woodstock!  When you make a donation to WEF,  your name will be automatically entered in the daily drawings.  Enter online ASAP for your chance to win!  Drawings begin June 1st.  One winner per day, will be announced on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

All donations go directly to support Woodstock Public School's teachers and students!

Help support our Woodstock Public Schools, and kick off the countdown to summer, with WEF!

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Click on the Calendar for a printable PDF!
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